Adjust z-axis vertical

Hi, sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.
I tried to surface my waste board and got this:

So the z-axis is obviously not plumb as you can see here:

Problem is, I don’t know how to adjust it.
Any help is much appreciated.


First off, check the X axis gantry for square front to back.
If that checks out ok, verify that the v wheels are setup properly before dealing with the Z axis.

After that, It may be necessary to shim the back of the router mount bracket in order to tram the spindle. Make sure you tram both x and y directions (side to side and front to back) so you don’t introduce any other errors.

brass shim stock is normally available at your local hardware (think ace) or big box store in the hardware department. It can also be found on amazon with a quick search for brass shim stock.



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