Adjustable nuts gantry assembly

Hello, I’m having a very frustrating experience trying to slide the maker slide rails onto the gantry. I know I’m supposed to adjust those adjustable nuts but that’s like trying to crack a combination lock. No idea which way to turn them. They dont even appear to be doing anything other than turning the locking nut. This is very frustrating.

Never mind, I got it! I knew if I cried about it first that I would eventually get it.


Can you help me as I’m having that issue? What did you end up doing? Thanks

Hi @ChristinaSidney the eccentric nuts rotate within the hole, and this moved the v wheels towards or away from the rails.

Here is the tutorial regarding the eccentric nuts.

Only the bottom (for X,Y) have these adjustments, the top are rigid. and for the Z, the adjustable ones are on the left side.

there is a little write up of the VWheels here, along with the same video i put above…