Adjustable 'Y' axis height

I have seen those feet on ebay that make the whole cnc higher, but I would like to make an adjustable height x-carve so I can slide in different height pieces of wood we work with slabs and large beams that I would like to engrave and carve out bow ties in these. They range from 1" all the way up to 24" in height. Anybody seen anything like this.

I was thinking of adding legs and mounting the makerslides to a bar that you can raise up and down then put a pin into the side legs, Do you guys think this would work?

At some point I will be be expanding the length to 8 foot long so I will ad more makerslides, wires, belts etc to make it run longer.

interesting. thought just popped in my head to get more vwheels and slides to construct vertical legs which the y axis would slide up and down on. initially i’m thinking this would be flimsy. maybe doing the “y - z axis” with a couple of acme rods and a redesign of the y axis in order to make it solid.

it’s late and my brain is mush at this point… just finished squaring my z axis (I hope… I’ll know tomorrow when I get back from work)

You could mount the Xcarve on a steel frame without wasteboard and have a crank up/down platform like on a drill press, but better, with linear guides. For special projects you could place a lathe on the platform and have a rotary axis.

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I think I have a simple solution. I ordered those makerfeet and will be starting off with those, then the table I am putting the x-carve on is 4x8 rolling table (I already had this). Im going to attach the feet to a flat bar that rest on the table. then I’ll raise the whole frame up with “feet” that raise from under the table. I’ll take pictures as I go.

Not directly related, but you might be able to get some ideas from this