Adjusting STL Model Base Height

Good afternoon, I am working with a 3D STL model that I created that I use for 3D Flags. The STL was modeled in Aspire and traditionally used in Aspire. So far, things are looking pretty good on the toolpath creation. However, what I’d like to see is the ability to add thickness to the base of the model. In Vectric Software, not necessarily Aspire, you can adjust the Z-height of the model and you can adjust the thickness of the material BELOW the model (it’s separate). So If I am cutting a flag on 1" thick material and the model I import is .25" thick, I can reduce the amount of material being cut away by adding thickness below the model. From what I see in the interface as of now, there is not an option to bring the model closer to the surface of the material. Is this a possibility to be added?

Hi Drew,

This is possible, under the “Transform” section you can change the model Z position which is relative to the bottom of the stock. You’ll also likely need to change the “Cut Depth” value in the “Cut Style” section to get the desired depth of carve.

Thanks for the question/feedback. This is an area of the interface that is likely to change to help improve clarity and ease of use.


ah ha, I see it now. Thanks!