Advice Needed

I am trying to cut out letters of various sizes some as small as 2x2 inch, some as big as 6x6 inch. The issue I am having is with letter that have a curve to them. e,j,u,c,o, etc. I’ve tried different bits, different materials, but for whatever reason my letters are breaking or the letter is shifting during the cut and the bit is cutting it in half. I’m not sure if its an issue with using tabs (which I use), or if I need something underneath the material like double sided tape to keep adhered to my scrap board. Any advice or systems you guys use to cut out single letters would be greatly appreciated!


I think the glue and tape method would be good. Also i would check the thickness of your material if you are using tabs and the pieces are coming loose.


Thanks for the reply Wayne! I assumed that was the issue but before spending anymore time and money on materials I wanted to double check with on the forum

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Works well for what you are trying to accomplish. Correction, works well for most anything.

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Works good for about anything.