Advice on bits
These bits do not have much info on them. Anyone have an idea How far depth would be safe and what to enter cut diameter in Easel going down maybe 5/64 to 1/8 for depth if that is safe?

Typical convention is to not cut any deeper than the width of the bit. IE: a 1/4" bit should never cut any deeper than 1/4", or a 1/8" bit should never cut deeper than 1/8".
Your mileage may vary from this rule, depending on your feeds and speeds.
The X-carve has its limitations, and has enough power to cut deep, but it’s also very easy to “overrun” your bit and break it, or overstress your machines belt drives and break those.
Since we don’t know what material you’d be cutting, nor the particulars of your machine, I would suggest that you start conservatively and use trial and error to increase your feeds, speeds, and depth. It doesn’t take long, or a lot of material, to test these variables, and the knowledge you will gain will help you as you progress!


Thank you