Advice on what electronics use

I’m building this amazing machine!:slight_smile: what electronics do you suggest me? I am a very newbie and i have looked at Easel and i think it’s very simple to use and amazing, so i want a board that can use it! I want buy four Nema 23 with this specifications:

Nema 23 Stepper Motor 2.8A 6.35mm Shaft

And i want buy these spindle:

I have looked at gShield and this guide:

But someone told me that the gShield don’t support 2.8A for each motor, and now I don’t really really really know what to do. I have searched further and I have found this board:

But I haven’t find a guide like the gShield above that explain how connect spindle, and I don’t know if this board have the same problem with the current, and if I need the relay and the speed control, can someone help me and suggest me on what is the best choice? I am looking in something affordable:)

Thank you in advance to all

Neither of the boards posted should ideally be run at anything over 2.5A for any period of time. I honestly don’t see any reason to run them at over 2A with the X-Carve. I currently run mine at around 1.7A and have had no problems at all.

From all accounts the GShield is a good board. It only has three motor drivers though, so you end up only delivering half current to the Y-motors because they are connected to the same driver. I don’t think this has caused any problems for people, and it seems to have plenty of power.

I chose to use the second board you listed.because it allows me to use four drivers so that each of the Y motors is running off its own. I don’t know that it makes any measurable difference in performance, but it makes me feel better. With a fan blowing over the drivers, they are barely warm to the touch after over an hour of use.

I am using these stepper motors, which have pretty much identical specs to yours.

Thank you very very very much for your answer, can you tell me what stepper driver you use,what spindle you use, and what power supply? And how you connect the spindle?:slight_smile:

You have the CNC Shield v3.51?

Thanks again and sorry for all the question, but I really don’t know how proceed:)

I recommend you take a look at the X-Controller, it will drive whatever motors you want to put on the X-Carve.

I would also recommend you stay away from the quiet cut spindle and get either a true VFD Spindle and Inverter or the Dewalt dwp611.

Many people have started with the quiet cut spindles and have had problems. Most replaced them with the Dewalt 611 and considered it a huge upgrade.

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Thanks for the answer, the X-Controller it’s really a lot expensive, instead about the spindle why you say this? Can you link me a true VFD spindle?

If you don’t like the price of the X-Controller you are probably not going to like the cost of a VFD spindle either, this one is about $330 and that is at the low end for most of these type spindles.

The quiet cut spindles had some issues with the bearings and with electrical noise.

Yes, you are right, i don’t like it :smile:, what type of spindle do you have @BradT?

I’m using the Bosch Colt trim router because that’s what I already had. If I were to buy one specifically for the X-Carve, and it wasn’t a true spindle, I would go with the Dewalt that @AllenMassey suggested. They’re both great, but the Dewalt has better support for 1/8" bits.

With either trim router, you just plug it into the wall and switch it manually, or attach a relay or other switching device. I just flip the switch manually before and after sending the G-Code.

I have the CNC shield V3 with DRV8825 stepper drivers.

Thanks for the answer, what power supply do you have for shield and the motor? So you have connected the spindle directly to the plug wall, you doesn’t have any relay or speed controller connected to the cnc shield?

In this guide:

What is the purpose of using a relay and a Speed controller Board?

When you are using a spindle it connects to a power supply. Depending on what kind of spindle you get it may be able to use the same power supply as you controller. The Speed Controller Board allows the controller to regulate the spindle RPM.

When you are using a router it plugs directly into the wall. To allow your controller to be able to turn it on and off you add a relay between the router and the wall. This can be wired up a couple of different ways.

Thanks for the answer, so the spindle have the advantage that with a speed controller it’s possible to regulate the spindle rpm, is this useful?

@BradT what power supply did you use?

I used the stock power supply that came with the kit and a Dewalt router. Even though it can not control the router’s speed I am using the Speed Control output to drive a relay to turn the router on and off.

I recommend having the controller turn the router/spindle on and off. So there is no danger of you forgetting to do it yourself.

The advantage to the router is a lot of power for less cost. Disadvantage manual speed control and you have to regularly change the brushes.

The advantage to the spindle. Easy speed control and no brushes. Disadvantage less power for the cost.

Most people wind up using one or two different RPMS and adjusting their feed rate as needed. There are many different approaches that can produce similar results, so go with whatever fits your style best.

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I use this one.

but realistically any of the 24 v supplies on the Inventables store will work just as well. If I were to do it again, I would probably get the one that is available when choosing your X-Carve options.

Beware of cheap power supplies. A good deal is a good deal, but considering that these are connected to mains power, they need to be quite reliable. Of all the X-Carve components, they pose the greatest threat of fire or electric shock should they fail,

Thanks @BradT and @AllenMassey for the answer :slight_smile: i have to think what choose, first between the gShield and CNC Shield, i think i choose the CNC Shield, with the same drivers of @BradT, instead for the spindle or the router, I don’t know what choose. If I buy the quiet spindle (cheap 30$ dollar on China website, same model as here I think) I have to buy also the power supply, because I don’t think one power supply for controller motors and spindle is the right choice, what you think?

I have also found this topic:

And think that maybe I get the broken router, I spent more money for nothing…

Very hard choice :pensive:

Just to know, since I live in Italy, and we have the 220-240V, if I buy the dewalt from US,(my sister live in US) I can use it in Italy? Obviously with a plug adapter? Because I have see that on homedepot cost around 100$

I don’t think so, but I could be wrong. Hopefully someone else will be able to clarify.