Aggravation/Cards & Marbles Board

This is my second project. My version of a classic board game, made from poplar. Let me know what you think


I have no idea what the game is, but the carvings look very nice!

That’s great, my uncle just introduced me to that game, but his board wasn’t anywhere as cool as yours. I really love the rocketship theme. Only thing I would do different is to use all light colored wood so the rockets stand out. Any chance you would want to share the files?

Nicely done. It is tedious work to place all of the holes for the marbles. My first large project was a TX aggravation game.

I’m designing everything in SolidWorks so placing the holes was no big deal. Just a couple patterns.

I’d rather not give my files away. Once I get the hang of this and get my finishing a little better I plan to start selling some of the items I come up with.