Air Force SF Badge HELP

Any tips on how to obtain just the outline of the badge? Trying to make some plaques (see wood plaque).image

If you use the import on the left-hand side of the screen (rectangle with arrow in it), you can use the image trace function. Set it to outline. You may need to do a bit of cleanup and a couple of joins to get the lines right on the Eagle wings, but it will get you close. I tried it with your images; the first one will get you closest. You’ll need to use shapes to cover the stuff in the center.

Try this one Ray, I cleaned it up in CorelDraw

Good Luck

DUDE!!! I hope youre on FIVERR or something similar!

Thank you.

I sent you an email as well…send me the bill

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I’m not on FIVERR I’m on HUNDREDRR, its similar to FIVERR except its $95.00 more. :flushed: :rofl: :joy:


I almost have it, just need to add the lettering. A lot of detail




Oh i will


I sent you the Easel file

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@RussellCrawford. You did an awesome job!

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Thank you Phillip, a lot of detail in that logo :crazy_face:


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Yes, and you did an outstanding job of preparing it to carve. You should explain how you did it or do a video to help others learn the process.

It would be a long video, I used the Bezier Tool in Corel to draw each line. Sometimes you can do an image trace if the image is good but that one wasn’t good so I had to redraw the entire image. I lighten up the image so I can see the lines better and start drawing. Draw the lines and then connect them so they are all one image. The red lines are the ones that I have drawn, I probably have 6 hours in that logo.

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Wow! You did an excellent job.

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Russell, you are amazing!!! I cant even explain how appreciative i am…Paypal is enroute.

Youre my GO TO!!! If you dont mind

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Thank you Ray

Mr. Crawford I was wondering how I can contact you regarding some work?

Text me @ 985-290-0572 or email

As always… the community here is WAY more incredible than the software and the machines could ever be on their own. You guys are all class acts. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


In the future, you can use bitmap trace in Inkscape to turn the picture into a vector. Then you can use the node editor to clean it up – CTRL-L is your friend too.