Alarm: 10 Not Homing

It has been some time since I used the machine, completed all of the updates to firmware etc. However, I cannot home the machine. When I select Home I get the following. Z axis moves up, touches stop switch as expected, moves down. moves on X axis slightly and then the Y axis immediately stops.

Provides Alarm 10 which I could not find anything on. The image is the machine inspector. I jogged the machine to the center knowing no stop switches are being hit on X or Y axis. I cant figured out why the end results would be negative nor why the Y axis shows hit. I can reset the controller and when I check the Machine Inspector no stop switches show activated. I can manually push each in to test them and they will light up and then off when released. But when I Home, I get the alarm plus the Y axis stop switch shows on.

Alarm 10 is homing failed, but only applies to machines with dual Y axis limit switches which are used for auto squaring ( like the Xcarve Pro )

Either the machine was way out of square, or one of the limit switches may be defective. you could manually trigger each of them and see if they indicate properly on the page you screen shot above… possibly identifying which switch is defective…

I have tested the switches in machine inspector. Before I do anything and each switch responds correctly when pressed and released. However, when I home it moves on Z axis hits the Z switch returns down slightly. Then just makes a noise and then moves slightly on x and y axis and stops. What is also odd is I assumed home would be 0,0 on x and y. When I home and then check the machine inspector it will show some odd coordinates. Such as negatives. Running a job however works fine. Any further suggestions as making sure the machine is squre etc?

Issue Solved. I ran the Home process and received the Alarm on the Y axis. While in machine inspector I disconnect each Y axis from the control board separately to determine which switch was malfunctioning. I then plugged it back in and tested the switches. Reran the Home sequence and functioned as expected on the bottom left corner.

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Hey Dustin, I am having the same issue with homing on my XCP. Did you determine it to be a faulty connection at the control box or was it a faulty switch?

I am not 100%. But in my situation tested the home, let it fail, then unplugged each of the x and y axis plugs from the control box. Then tested each switch to ensure they were registering in machine inspector. All registered as expected, then tested the Home again and it worked as it should move to each of the limits on the x and y axis and then backing off to where they were not touching.