Alarm:9 Machine Shaking while homing (Fixed)

I couldn’t find it, but wanted to share much of my frustration in the hope this is helpful to someone else in the future as I couldn’t find it in the forums.

I hadn’t used my machine in a bit, and also build a new rig to place it on. After upgrading firmware and trying to home, the z axis homed fine.

THEN … my machine started shaking like crazy as if it was stuck, and failed to home with ALARM:9. I thought something jammed the machine and couldn’t move.

I spend numerous amount of time disassembling parts, checking motors, tightness of the band etc.

Only as a last resort opened the arduino board, and saw 2 of the wires had come loose. Both on the X and Y axis (the Black/White/Red/Green wiring). White on one and green on the other.

Voila - I ensured to connect the wires, screwed them in tightly. Everything worked again.

Hope this helps someone one day.

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Thanks for sharing. I am sure this will help someone… :slight_smile:

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was this inside the xcontroller box ? I just experienced similar behavior for about 15 sec then the machine stopped moving all axes all together. I checked the wiring on the outside between motors but didn’t look inside. I also get y-limit switch always green so thought something might be shorted somewhere.

Yes in my case it was. Right on the motherboard itself there are 3 plugs w screws. Where the colored wires plugged in. They somehow had come lose - 1 was completely out. The other was leaning against it and probably sometimes and sometimes not making contact.

I don’t think the screws work well. I might solder it soon.

I just checked and seemed to be connected fine. I am guessing something else inside the board that is bad or messed up.