Alignment drift

Just used the replicator to run a line of tnut holes into the new spoilboard I am making, The holes have a 3mm by 20.2mm pocket for the base and a 7mm hole through the board for the threaded part. Did the import and a few of the the holes which should have all lined up on the x axis had drifted. Have not checked the Y axis yet, as it will take some arithmetic.
Still trying to figure out why when I use the rectangle or circle icons to bring them into the work, why do they open with 25.8mm square or circle, I think Easel is converting metric measurements into imperial then converting it back and allowing rounding errors. On something like pockets in the spoilboard it is vital that they get carved accurately so that things will line up repeatably.
If I take a piece that has holes and rotate the image to suit wood grain or layout, included dowel holes will drift requiring a bit of work to realign them so they fit with other parts.
Request that Easel be programed so that there are no conversion errors.

Please share the project and clarify the issue present and how exactly that issue was created.
I’ve used replicator many times and so long as the correct spacing method is selected (centerline distance versus not) I’ve gotten the desired results every time used… unless I wanted centerline spacing and that checkbox was left unchecked of course.

However if the project is spaced properly and it is the CNC carve that doesn’t measure right, then that would be a result of the CNC calibration setting and there’s a PawPawsWorkshop video for that process.

Seth, thanks for your response, I too learned the hard way about the On Center Box…
I did not cut the holes, as I knew some were off
This morning I checked the line of tnut holes I laid out yesterday using Easel and the Replicator, several of the holes were off, one, by as much as 3mm. So I made a copy, erased all but one of the holes and carefully made certain that the hole was exactly where I wanted it. Replicated it to make a row of 9 holes, every one was exactly right. Not sure what I did differently but I have to believe it was (gasp) operator error.
The migrating dowel holes in a mallet I have been making I will document once I have the new spoil board finished

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