Alignment of cuttings and carving

I’m wondering which method is better when starting a project. I currently use a square to square up my projects with the machine. So the question is how many of you have cut a grid on your wasteboard or do you use bump stops for alignment or both? I very seldom do repetitive projects where you need a quick alignment. Thanks for your input Greg

I typically align the front left edge to my bit (with the right a little higher) then I jog the bit to the right and then rotate the workpiece down to touch the bit on that right side. It’s now parallel to the spindle’s X plane of movement.

Thank you! I didn’t think about that way! Thank you

I machined a slot in the Y axis for a removable fence that I use to line things up to. I use double sided duct tape or clamps depending on the size. Then I remove the fence. I have a DIY work surface with t slot and basswood,so I can replace things or surface them many times before replacement is needed.

Would you mind sending a picture of your setup?

The slot is 10" to the right of home on the left front between the t slots. I didn’t have the slot machined in there when this picture was taken, The slot itself is just a 1/4 by 16" long or so. I got the t slot from woodcraft. The extrusion was stuff I had here from other experiments. I counterbored the holes for the M5 screws to fit down into the nuts in the extrusion. You can just make out where the bit wouldn’t level the basswood on the left and right. I used a 1" surfacing router bit from Amazon to do that if I recall correctly.

Whiteside 6210 CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bit, 1/4" Shank - -

That’s a great looking setup! Thank you for sending it!

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