Alignment of the cut vs what Easel shows

I just recently got my X-Carve setup and have made a few cuts with it. What I have noticed is that the actual cut that is being performed doesnt fully align with the location that shows on Easel. While not a huge concern for a project like the one I am posting from scrap wood, it will be concerning if I am trying to align on a finished (or nearly finished) piece of work.

This is what I am seeing on Easel:

As you can see, the cut is nearly centered on the piece of wood.

When I cut though, it seems to cut a little high as seen below:

The dimensions are accurate in Easel when I set all of the sizes. When I set the X,Y at the beginning of the project, I put it in the bottom left corner (right above the corner) as accurate as I can get it.

I could understand it being off a little bit based off of where I set X,Y but it seems to be off a bit more than I am comfortable with.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Are your parts being cut accurately in size ? If not, then you need to calibrate your x and y steps, it is moving more than it thinks for each each movement.

If your parts are the right size, then you need to practice more where you zero position is. I always set my part at 0,0 in Easel, that way I know exactly where it is going to cut.

They appear to be the right size, I will measure tonight (not sure why I didnt do that already.) I am doing another cut tonight and will try to 0,0 better. If I mess with the z axis while I am setting x,y prepping for the carve, will that affect what z axis during the carve or is the system smart enough to figure that part out? If it wont mess it up, I can drop the z axis down while setting that to make sure im spot on!

Thanks, Phil. Great information!

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