All axes resetting to zero

Machine: X-Carve 2021+ model
Control: XController

Had this problem before but suspect that time there was a conflict between Easel and another program. That has since been eliminated.

The problem is that I recently just tried a simple carve, and the machine stops responding during the probing process. All axes reset to 0, the probing doesn’t do anything at all, the machine has an error that “Homing is not enabled” and nothing works at all until everything is reset.

This happens at somewhat random times, either before probing, during probing or the last attempt I actually got it to start a carve and it immediately stopped moving after drilling a single partial hole.

All wiring has been checked multiple times, screws are tight and all connectors and wires are in proper places and fully seated.
There are no known conflicting applications running in the background.
USB Selective Suspend setting are disabled, as well as all other sleep settings.
All machine settings I believe are correct and I have a screenshot of them.
I can move everything in UGS, but i need to calibrate steps and edit macros, etc…
The drivers are current.
Used a known, good quality shielded USB cable.
The control is run on a different circuit than the router and laptop.
Removed the machine profile, set it up as a new machine, verified settings again.
Still the same thing.

This ONLY happens in Easel.
Any suggestions?

Steps/mm are stored in the controller’s memory.
What macros? Probing?

Can you run a job successfully from UGS?
Tried gSender?

The steps reset to default settings when I removed the machine profile to try and get everything back to original settings. That’s fixed.

Probing macro is done, other things I thought might be useful that don’t seem to be available in Easel, or at least that I have been able to find. I just like having more control…

Just tried a test carve with UGS that had no issues and ran a second carve with no issues.

Easel is still giving me issues. Network connection is steady and doesn’t seem to be disconnecting, unless it’s so fast that I can’t see it disconnect/reconnect. Still consistently happens when probing, but occasionally when simply positioning.

Being able to run a full project start to finish with UGS seems to rule out bad connections to the hardware.

I’ll continue tinkering with it I guess as long as I have it for a while. At least UGS works.

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