All Gave Some - Red Oak


John, that is very nice! I really like it.

I do a lot of sign work (both scroll saw and router types) so if I may offer a suggestion, I choose to only use stencil-style fonts (including Military) when they are needed (where pieces will fall out when cut with a scroll saw for example). Otherwise, I try to use any number of “carving friendly” fonts that might be appropriate for the project. Take a look at one called “PLATOON, REGULAR” if you can find it.
Just a suggestion,
Nice job and Semper Fi, for me,

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Thanks Paul , Yea after carving I looked at the fonts and wasn’t very happy. But trial and error help you not to make the same mistake twice. My Dad is an Old Leatherneck and I plan on making him something special for his birthday in Nov. So thank for the suggestions and comment !

Very nice and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing.