All hail the dewalt gods

Seriously though someone send me some 6061 I am poor right now :frowning: until this signs done then I’m un poor for a few days lol

You sold me! I ordered the 611 mount, a 611 for $120 from and a 1/8" collet from Elaire Corp. Are you powering the Dewalt spindle directly from the arduino as with the supplied spindle or ?? Specifics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I also have the 611 but not installed yet, does anyone with the 1000mm rails have any issues with the added weight? If anyone did any mods can you post the process?

Looking forward to getting this mounted, makes the stock spindle look like a toy.

I’m using the 24VDC from the power supply to a relay that controls the 611’s power. You won’t have speed control through easel, but the program will turn the 611 on and off.

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i just plan on turning it off and on manually. i will plug it in to the same power strip the x carve is using so if there is an emergency i can just shut everything off by turning the power strip off

for adding support to the X rail do a search here on the forum for a post call something like gap between x rails

I put simple drawing on this post, incase someone need it.

Hey David,

I have been running the dewalt on my 1000mm for about 2 weeks now with no modifications. Other than the mount change obviously. I have been getting wonderful clean deep cuts. have seen several people here that have added steel/aluminum between the x makers slide. Might do that layer if I run into trouble, but for now evening seems great.

What has been your experience with changing bits on the Dewalt? I do not have one yet (still thinking about it) but it looks to me that holding the button in with one hand and turning the lock nut with a wrench in the other would make it easy to move the spindle location. Which is bad when changing to a detail bit after the rough cut,

I haven’t done any “detail bit” cutting with the DeWalt yet, but it doesn’t seems any more difficult than the 2 wrench method.

thanks for the reply, I order all new V-wheels and nuts and bolts so I wouldn’t have to remove them from the stock spindle, then I will mount it up and look for a dust solution.

thanks again.

If you see my previous post, that is the handicap we have. My finger is sore. Also That push button have tiny pin inside. I broke it. Ordered two in case breaks again. I wish there is a way to use two wrenches. 1/4" shank bits is easier, you don’t really tide too much. But 1/8" shank bits in that tiny adapter needs more torque, V Wheel bearings playing back and forward. I used half of the thick fiber washers between two bearings. Now they have no play.

You could try a 1/8 Collet like the ones from:

I don’t have one yet, but with these you don’t need the adapter.

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That was my concern with the collet lock button. My Colt came with one of those and it stopped working the second day I had it. Now it’s so narrow above the collet I have a hard time finding a wrench that I can get on the flats. I’ll take two wrenches any day!!

I’ve had a 611, using it as a regular router, for quite a while and I’ve never had problems with the collet lock.

I didn’t have problem before. Using that router while. But button is not on easy to push location now, if you don’t push all the way in, it breaks. Not a big deal, two screws holding that from bottom and I purchased $6 for each.

Man, you are NOT kidding about this thing being AWESOME! I’d definitely concur, it makes the X-Carve into a whole new machine. If you’re considering buying one, don’t even BOTHER with the stock spindle, just get one of these and be happy. Man, this works a whole WORLD better.

… Anyone want a crapped-out stock spindle and mount?

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Welcome to Club. :blush:

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Dewalt 611 is not available here (Australia) so also looking at a Makita RTO700.
Of course I still have to buy my X-Carve :smile:


If you are looking for the Dewalt in Aus, then it is just under a different name. D26204K

might not be worth the extra $$ over the Makita RTO700CX though

i’m planning on a Makita 7xx as well i already have the mount and plate designed. just have to have them cut out of 1/2 inch aluminum :wink: