All hail the dewalt gods

omg guys. I know its been a while since I have posted. I have been working on 2x 8foot by 4foot signs for a local restaurant. In the process I have gone through 4 yes I said 4 quiet cut spindles. ALL FAILED. Honestly this is no fault of inventables since their customer service was more than stellar. Sam got me hooked up every time quick easy I WANT TO SAY THANKS. Anyways after this last spindle failed and screwed up everything I had been working on I said F it Lets do this right and get a DEWALT 611. Let me just say guys anyone using the quiet cut is only getting 10% of the XCarve experience. Not saying the quiet cut sucks or anything BUT IT SUCKS. This thing is not nearly as loud as I expected but here is the real kicker I went from .06 passes in mdf at 50-100 IPM to … DRUM ROLL … ANY DEPTH I FREAKING FEEL LIKE at 100 IPM. Now this is in MDF so dont get too excited but i just cut 100 letters out of a 30"x30" piece of .75 MDF at this setting … .5" Depth Per Pass at 50 IPM. This was a really REALLY detailed job too and ITS PERFECT. The moral of this story is GET A DEWALT 611 NOW!!! GET IT NOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!


Thanks for listening to my rant but I am more excited than the first day I played with this machine.


i’m planning to get a Makita RT0700C so i’m right there with you. what mounting plate did you use? parts list?

Dang it, now I’m yelling even LOUDER for UPS to get their butts in gear and deliver my spindle mount! I’m at the end of my first quiet-cut spindle’s life, and I already had the 611 for use in the shop! Argh, I want it on my unit! My wife is griping because she has no signs to paint!

Thanks for the chuckle and the encouraging signs for my new upgrade, @JoeBerman!


Yup, I got my xcarve in yesterday and already have the 611 mount, not even going to bother with the stock spindle.

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So how do you really feel? :grinning:

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Inventables just released their extruded dewalt 611 mount its solid and PERFECT


Right this exact second I am building a cell phone mount for my airsoft m4 to use my cell phone as a scope. Its cutting so easily

LOL just did .75 inch passes at 40 IPM

on aluminum???

NO Mdf

Ain’t it awesome? I’ve been using mine as a hand-held router for general purpose use for quite a while. It’ll happily swing a decent-sized ogie bit or a large straight with no trouble at all, so with quarter-inch upsirals, that’s going to be the most over-powered thing ever!

I am using a .125 up spiral .75 Depth 45 IPM I could go faster but the weight of the spindle makes it move more than I would like

I cut 2 parts in the time I wrote that

What does your edge finish look like?

Nice! i got a DW611 and the mount from inventables should come in the mail today. also ordered some 1/8" collet adapters from MLCS so i can still use all the small 1/8 bits. wish dewalt had 1/8 collets available

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That’s what I’m trying to tell everyone for over a month now, people start thinking I’m working for Dewalt Company. No, I’m telling what I have, I have work horse on my X-Carve.


Precision bits makes an er style collet in a .25 and .125 btw. I am using an adapter for now works fine no,noticeable run out. How’s that for an edge :slight_smile:


Looks good, currently I’m mostly cutting letters out of 3/4" MDF so if something like this can increase my productivity that’s amazing!

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Yea its a major increase in productivity

Nice, I’ve been considering upgrading to a 800w VFD Spindle which seems fairly comparable in power to the Dewalt.