X-Carve Workspace Showcase

Yes. One of things I love about the Planet CNC controller is built in tool length measurements and offset measurement.

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My build so far.
Next up is cleaning up the wiring and installing them underneath the x carve.
Then it’s ready to go to my workshop.


Fantastic, looking perfect. But your Garage floor is looking better. :smile: (Go ahead and replace your Stock spindle with more decent one, before start pulling your hair)

Could you recommend a better one?

First choice is VFD air or water cooled spinner, second choice is most of us very happy with is Dewalt 611.

These threads cover the Dewalt 611

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so i built a workshop for my X-Carve LOL i will be bringing her home thisafternoon!


I have been looking at allot of great workstations, I just thought I would throw mine into the mix. I wish I would have seen those folding designs before I started to build my table. My table is nothing special, just built like a tank. Torsion box top, peg board on the side for organizing stuff, storage underneath for various components and supply’s. The really cool thing is the casters. Each caster has a leveling foot, making it a breeze to level out the table on a really not so level floor. As for controlling the X-carve, my plan is to wirelessly control my computer with my iPad using the splashtop app, the computer (in another room) wood be hard wired with a usb ethernet extender to the machine. I’ll mainly be using easel for now.


Looks great! I have two questions, where did you find un-treated 4x4. It’s basically impossible to find them here in Canada (well atleast Saskatchewan)! And second, I love those casters, where did you find them/what are they called?

Actually those corner posts are made of two 2x4’s glued together, then cut and planed down to 3"x3" actual. The casters are woodriver leveling casters, I found them on Amazon from caster connection. I was very excited to find them, my house was built in the 1940’s and the basement floors all sloop to the drains in the floor. I have another set of these on a work bench really like how solid they are. Highly recomend them!

Awesome, I might need to rebuild mine soon (and steal some of your design!). I really like how clean and simple it is! Mine got put together in a bit of a rush, it works but I’m not entirely happy with it. Is your torsion top made with 1/2" top and bottom and 3/4" vertical?

The torsion box has a ⅜" skins top and bottom. The outside edge of the box is ¾", and the inside ribs are ⅜". I did 3/8" because I have a 3/8" box jiont table saw blade. With that blade and a jig I made that allowed me to cut evenly spaced slots at 3-3/4" o.c. The inside peices are half lapped together, then filled with expanding foam. After the foam cured I sliced it flush with the top. I felt the foam might dampen some of the transferred noise that the machine might give off. I didn’t what the torsion box acting like a drum. Everything was assembled with glue and brad nails. I am very pleased with the results, very solid and flat.


That is some table top! Very nice. I would have been tempted to fill the inside with concrete.

Dang, that is one hella good-looking table! Going to be solid as a rock.

This is the jig setup I used with the 3/8" box-joint blade to cut the slots.

The setup worked very well. The table size is 45" X 45" just a little bigger then the machine itself. I figured if I need extra space I would add a fold out table.

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Rusty, it’s only saskatchatoon where you can’t find in-treated 4x4… Lol. Here on Vancouver Island they sell it at 7/11


<img src="//discuss-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/original/2X/0/052b5dafb5382b5451168071ef18b05c5d951481.jpg" width="690 height=“388”>

It’s not as pretty as the others that have posted here, But it gets the job done.


I didn’t like it… Makes my machine looks like a shi… :smile:

After several iterations, and lots of headaches, I’ve gotten my workspace to a place where I’m happy with it.

It’s not as pretty or as dedicated as some of the other ones I see here, which I’m blown away by, but it’s functional (finally!) and I’m really going to enjoy using it.

Some highlights:

• Resin countertop baseplate for the X-Carve is super dense and SUPER flat. This will help keep the bed true, though I may have to screw it down as it’s also very smooth and slippery.

• Detached the microcontroller from the power supply and wired the steppers, homing switches and spindle power into a terminal block.

• Added a couple of Molex connectors (not pictured) to the wiring loom. This was a large headache to do and there are a couple of loose connections so I’d like to re do it. I bought a 12pin and two 6s but I really should have held out and bought a 20 or 24. Crimping the terminal ends is a pain even with the crimper tool. It’s important to get extras. But the convenience is worth it.

• Monitor is on a tilt-swivel wall plate I bought from MicroCenter for like $5.

• I’m running GrblController as a Gcode sender on a Raspberry Pi with a wireless keyboard. I still use Easel to generate the Gcode but that’s on my computer in another room, so I don’t get it all manky and full of sawdust.

I had to troubleshoot the wiring because when I set up the grbl shield I soldered 2 sets of header pins to it, which at the time wasn’t a big deal but when I rotated the unit it caused me to put the limit/logic connector on the wrong set by mistake, and caused all sorts of problems. First I blew out a Z switch in a failed homing attempt, then the shield wouldn’t communicate with the pi unless the connector was undone while opening the com port, then m3/m5 wouldn’t work to turn the spindle on and off. I double checked each connection with a multimeter, but it wasn’t until I checked against a photo of the shield that I realized it was on the wrong set of header pins.

What do those other 8 pins do anyway? Other than cause me problems of course :slight_smile:

Next steps are to create some tool and bit storage, I’ll probably see if I can find or have made some MDF that’s the exact thickness of the void under my X-Carve just for added stiffness and flatness.


Heres my set up… Still have some things to fix… like wire longer cables to the electronics lol