X-Carve Workspace Showcase

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share the workbench I made for my X-Carve. See attached photos. I started with these plans that are available online and then modified it to be wider to accommodate my 1m x 1m X-Carve.


HEY! why did you get yours lol

Looks great though. Looking forward to more pictures

I work at Inventables, on the software development team. Received an early version for development purposes :smile:


Cheater cheater pumpkin eater. Still though looks good. I’ll do an official unboxing and assembly video if you send me mine


Hi, would firstly like to say what a cool community forum we have here.

since purchasing a pre ordered x carve i find myself in a daily ritual coming here reading comments, latest ideas.

I thought id share what I’ve been up to in preparation for the x carve.

Here is my x carve mobile

it has a completely detachable power source, its on lockable castors, has a drawer for bits etc (yet to be configured), keyboard tray on runners with a fold down front two shelves in the rear. A cubbie for the computer and x carve electronics which thought id chuck a temp gauge in because it looks cool. a stand for the computer monitor and lastly a emergency stop button on top. both drawer and door are soft closing. :blush:


I thought I would share my workbench along with a video I put together on how to build it!


Here is my setup.


Here’s the first part of my work bench! I had some family stuff to get to, so I couldn’t finish it yesterday. What’s next:
Sand, seal, and clear coat the top (the OSB looks awesome but flakes like crazy!)
Bottom shelf OSB top with slide out
Attached box to hold electronics for X Carve

I posted mine in another thread but here it is:


Here’s my basic workbench constructed using pockethole joinery. I’ll add in some shelving & drawers once I work out when I need.

Not much room to spare in the workshop now :smile:


Here is my workspace. I found that once I had the waste board cut out of a 4’ X 8’ sheet of MDF it left the perfect amount left over for a table top. I will build doors once my machine arrives, one of the first projects. I also ran a fused power bar to the bottom.

Not done with it yet but here is my converted kitchen table lol. Also a new handy rolling computer workstation built from an old tool bench.


I built a Fold Up Work Table for my 1000mm X-Carve. If I mount the X-Carve to the table, I can fold it up against the wall when I’m not making awesome stuff.

To do:

  1. Add supports for the gantry to evenly distribute the weight so it does not crash/sag/bend when folded up.
  2. Add supports behind the waste board and side rails to help support the weight of those.
  3. Figure out what to do with the wiring/electronics. Maybe mount it to the side or underneath the table, or on a nearby wall.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I’m sure I haven’t thought of everything yet. lol Thanks, Steve…

Click here to watch my video of this project.

Click here to read my article and get a PDF of my diagram/cut list.


Nice! I think you will be fine if you just lock-down the X/Y axes before tipping.

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In my visualization of how this will work for you, when in the stowed (up) position, your Y axis will effectively become a Z axis. therefore I would consider some sort of block/support at the rear of the machine to support the gantry while it is stowed so the forces of gravity wont have a detrimental effect on it. The makerslide has most of it’s strength on the vertical side in it’s normal operating (down) position I dont know what extended pressure of on it in the up position might do to it hence the support.

I would also stow it with the spindle centered and supported by said block so there is equal pressure on both of the Y steppers and side rails.

But then again I may be over thinking things too. better safe than sorry.

I just finished my 2x4 basics table for the x carve also - I put the whole thing on casters. Works great!

Yes, I plan to add gantry supports once I get the xcarve attached so I can see how to best add them. Supports behind the side rails is a good idea too. Thanks!

Here’s home for my X-Carve 1000mm which hopefully will be here in the next week or two.

Thats a 42"x45" sheet of MDF screwed down to an old school teachers desk (picked up two a few years back when they were being tossed at the school I worked at)
The desk is built very solidly and the top alone is 1 1/2" thick! Before setting the MDF i checked level front to back and side to side and she’s “dead nuts”. The MDF hangs over the back by eight inches so I added angled supports, the front is only four inches overhang so that should be ok as is the right side at three inches.

First project on the X-Carve is going to be a keyboard shelf above the mouse pad area!

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I seem to keep finding things to add to the table. Just something to pass the time until mine arrives.

It might have a mini fridge and speakers before its said and done :smiley:

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