X-carve table

Hi guys,

I’m designing an X-Carve table to place under the ‘projects’ tab. The goal is that people can start building their table while their order is being processed. This with the piece of mind that it will perfectly fit their X-Carve and be practical at the same time. I’ve already read this thread for inspiration:

But I’m looking for some feedback from people that have been using their X-Carve for a long time now. Basically: what would you add or change to you design and what is an absolute must for your table. Here are some pictures of what I have so far:

On the top I’ve left some space to the left for the X-Controller and in the back to place an arm to hold one or more screens. In front I’ve foreseen some drawers to hold bits, clamps, tools, etc… and even a desktop if wanted. On the back there are some hollow area’s where at the moment is only a shop vac. I’m think of making the side panels slide-able so you can access this space from the side and place the table against a wall or something. I’m also thinking of adding a fold-able table to accommodate a laptop right next to the X-Controller.

Any feedback from longtime users would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance,



You didn’t show where the X-Controller is stored (you’re gonna need that). As one of many who works in a space constrained environment I chose to put the X-Controller underneath the top instead of making the whole cabinet wider to fit the side board.

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Excellent! I wish such a thing had existed a couple months ago (though I’m very happy with my build).

The basic structure and design of it looks very nice. Some suggestions would be to build top slots or drawers to a size that would nicely accommodate one of the bit / tool holders (or set of tool holders) that is in the project area.

If it’s a wheeled cart to be pushed, might be nice to have an optional handle bracket on one end or the other to make that easier as it will weigh plenty and be difficult to wrangle.

I like integrating the vacuum. As sound is an endless topic for us, maybe make the space sized for a specific model or two (Inventables could sell it, even) and recommend that the vacuum cubby be lined with acoustic tiles.

I’m actually planning to use a rather large part of my under-table space to store small and medium sized sheet goods. I’m finding that 2’ X 2’ and so sized pieces of MDF, plywood, etc. are multiplying around my 1000 mm CNC table and so think their storage could be a great use of space for me. Keep 'em flat and easy to find.


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Where does the computer go? On smaller tables I end up putting the computer on top of the X-Controller which is not a good solution. I’m always looking for more space around the perimeter for the computer and other tools I want to have handy during operation.

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In my case I have a separate rolling stand that I use for the laptop. I’m currently using a crude stand I made out of 2x4’s which used to be my grinder stand, but eventually I’ll get around to making a cooler looking laptop stand.

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I really like your approach to building it into the cabinet, Johan. Clever and well done.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I will include as much as I can.

@Zach_Kaplan, for the laptop, Im thinking about a french cleat platform. That could also be used to hang most used tool holders.

@DrewKasel, love the input, I’ll be sure to include some handles and I had already included some of the inventables projects (toolholders) to fit the drawers so thats already taken of.

Steve, I left some room to the left because the X-Controler is not available as a step file but Ill inclusde the MDF in my next version.

To the drawing board !!!

thanks steve my idea is to use my gavinete as a work table also not only for the cnc and how this closep does not bother me the sound of the router when it is working.

How about a thin keyboard type drawer for the laptop ? Tall enough to close with laptop shut, slide open drawer, open laptop, & go.


What do you think is in the upper left wide drawer :blush:

Ill post some pictures about it.

Nice design but I would never use a CNC machine without placing it on top of a Torsion Box.

Also, if that vacuum is going to be used with a dust shoe then without some sort of ventilation that vacuum is going to over heat, especially on longer jobs.

My X-Carve got much more reliable when I put it on a torsion box. The depth difference wasn’t a lot but 1/2 mm is a big difference when you’re doing through cuts and trying to minimize the size of tabs.

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