X-Carve Pro Workspace Showcase

Back in April of 2015 @JeffTalbot started a thread on the forum called the X-Carve Workspace Showcase where people have posted amazing pictures of their workshops. I’d like to start a similar thread with X-Carve Pro Workspaces starting with mine.

My machine sits on two 2’x4’ tables from Uline that I bolted together. I made the mistake of using the Uline casters because my shop is small and I wanted to be able to easily roll it around. It works and I’ve carved a ton but it is a bit wobbly. If I had to do it over again I’d get machine casters.

I’d love to see your workspace please post it below!


(part 1)
It isn’t the best photo, but here’s my xcp4x4 setup which is hooked to my 4” dust collection which is piped around my shop using my own designed dust shoe… which works really well.

//griffin — @grfn.prjx on IG

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(part 2)
Here’s the table I built specifically for the xcp4x4:

It’s also on casters and wiggles a bit while carving… I’ve checked the resulting pieces and they are fine and accurate — so not too concerned so far.

However I have thought about adding weight to the bottom of the table and also the casters you mentioned @Zach_Kaplan.

But for now? It’s working beautifully.
//griffin — @grfn.prjx on IG

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Used my old Xcarve table I made 2 years ago and added 3/4" plywood to the top with supports all the way around. It’s a 6ft square table and 35" tall. Mounted my mini pc towards the front and the Xcarve computer to the side of the table off the ground.