Trying to decide what to order

Two questions. If I buy the smaller machine will I regret not buying the larger one?

Should I go ahead and purchase vcarve?

I build furniture and would like to add some custom looks to each piece. I also make signs. Jewelry boxes would be a big item I would customize also.

If you’ve got the room, go for the big one.
Remember,you can always cut smaller stuff on a big machine but not vice versa.

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Thanks for the fast reply. My workshop is a single car garage but I put everything on tables with wheels so I can shuffle tools around.

Did I read somewhere the weight of the dewalt causes problems on the larger machine?

The weight does/does not cause issues. Depending on who you speak to.

Personally I ended up having to do the stiffness upgrade. It made a difference in the chatter and the speeds I was able to go while keeping quality. But I am also using it for a business.

So it depends on how you are using it.

As for the size, also remember if you get the 1000 mm you can cut some depth off as well if you end up needing the space.

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An alternative to wheels might be a tilting table:

Some other workbench alternatives here:

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This is a great idea. One other reason I use wheels is that I have a wall mounted dust collector and did not want to run hoses everywhere so I just role the tool beside the collector and I am good to go. Still looking at how I might use dust collection with this unit.

Do you have a 4x4 foot clear space on your ceiling? Go with a ceiling mount!
I did it and when I went to post about it, at least one other person at done so, it works great.

I’ve got to run out the door now, but if you’re interested, reply back and I’ll look up which Racor manual lift I ordered from Amazon.

make sure your cables that connect to the controller are secure or stationary. I got some extra terminal blocks in order to do this which helps keep things in place when rolling around as well as reduces stress on the board.