All Praise the Pressure foot

Does anyone have experience cutting with a pressure foot

I have been really looking into one for some issues I am having with mdf and small shapes

I would love anyones input on the matter thanks

here is just a generic pressure foot image probably not the one I am going to go with

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Been seeing a few other brand machines that use them. Kind of interested to hear more about them

yeah defiantly could be mounted on the x-carve and I would like to use one because I hate using tabs and this should in theory solve that issue and well not having a vacuum table when cutting thin stock

I don’t think this would necessarily remove the need for tabs. Tabs work depending on what you are cutting and how aggressively you are cutting. I can’t see this being strong enough to hold an item from slipping left right up down (on a horizontal plane). What I do think it would be good for is thin items which might have upward flex at the point where the end-mill makes contact with the material
Example… I’m sure everyone has seen the vinyl records made into clocks. well, I tried carving a few of these and the problem I had was that the vinyl lifted up at the point where the bit makes contact, thus creating a ragged cut. to eliminate that lift or flex, i was forced to mount the piece using double back tape (which made a mess) across the entire underside surface in order to reduce lift. I could see this holding thinner items from flexing…I do not see it eliminating the need for Tabs…

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They work great on my sewing machine. Not sure about on a cnc machine. Looks like something to catch on anything uneven during a carve.

You’d definitely have to make sure your clamps are well away from the cut path.

as it happens, i did a large 3mm sheet cut last weekend. I ended up having to manually press down the sheet…

Not ideal, so the idea behind this thing seems very solid to me, but you’d indeed need to be careful as well…

is that spring-loaded?

I completely agree that it should work to hold down thin stock…keep it from flexing upward during cuts (I would guess it is spring loaded…what would be the point otherwise) but i do not agree that it would eliminate the need for tabs to keep a piece in place .

yeah I am just not sure on the whole tab issue I see your points and well every video I have seen of these things in operation they are not using tabs

I know I dont use tabs when I am cutting 1/4" mdf with a compression spiral I actually rely on the the compaction of the chips to hold the piece in solid and I have cutting oh idk about 50 full sheets so far with this method

and I did break a tool once and I think it was caused by the mdf not being perfectly flat and held tight to the spoilboard so the tool chattered and broke so I was thinking since I dont have a vacuum table using this pressure foot would just give me the flatness and downward pressure I am looking for while still maintaining my dust compaction work holding method that seems to be proven success

Phil does bring up a good point about with the addition of a pressure foot the parts would be more likely to drag around and thats really one reason why I do not like the above design. I am thinking if I build one or buy one I would like to have a PTFE slider and focus the inside diameter at the way down to the .125" bit size that I use

hello, I also often have problems in cutting playwood that is too thin, which is often slightly deformed, and using double-sided tape is not a solution because I use panels that are too large (75cmx75cm) and I would waste too much time putting on and removing the double-sided tape. Have you found a solution in the meantime?

I have always used

works great as long as you dont get it wet…