All steppers being driven

Come accross a strange issue with my x-carve.

I notice if I’m jogging my machine in any direction, all of the steppers move slightly.

So for example lets say i’m jogging the Y axis in 1mm steps.
I press the up arrow on my keyboard, and all of the lights on my Gshield will flash.
I can feel the x steppers and z steppers moving slightly. You can see the pulleys wobbling slightly every time I drive the Y.

It’s the same for all the steppers, if I jog the X then the Y steppers will get a small pulse of electrisity.

What do you guys think? anyone else had this issue?

seems like a g-shield issue or interference?

Did you try pushing Gshield down, seems came loose. If that solves your problem, you may have to insert small plastic bushings or similar between fan assembly and Gshield to hold it down.

I have completely isolated the electronics. The g shield is 100% firmly on the arduino.

I have removed the steppers from the g shield, but whenever I jog an axis the lights for all 3 axis still flash. I’m very confused, there is no possible short in the electronics. This is purely the arduino, g shield and power supply now

Might be software problem on your Arduino, you can try disconnecting USB cable, turn power supply off and wait for reset. May help.

Looks like video uploads from Mobile don’t work.

anyway basically I press up, and both X, Y and Z LED’s are triggered on the Grblshield.
No steppers attached now, nothing except the Arduino and Gshield and PSU.

Update: its not an arduino issue I have a spare arduino and flashes grbl onto it to test.