Almost done with x-carve initial assembly

Ok. Getting close now, but dang!! Those drag chain instructions and brackets are not good!
Also, is it just me, or did I completely skip the section on how t tension the eccentric nuts and v-wheels?? The belts were a piece of cake. Hopefully they don’t slip.

I’m the same wagon. Drilling the holes in the wasteboard and I’m finished but I think in the calibration step they include about the eccentric nuts. I don’t really trust these nuts :confused: they carved some of the metal holder piece when tightening :frowning: but I am not thinking on enhancing anything until it gets carving the first piece

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That’s where I’m at.
I also saw some metal getting carved away as I tightened the eccentric’s, which I didn’t think was a good thing.
Just have to do the soldering tonight on the board, and I’m ready to start testing.

Yes!! Finished last night. It actually works!
Stoked. Now just need to square it up.
Using my MacBook Pro (2011) and easel, so far.
Tried some “cuts” with a sharpie clamped to the z axis, but my table seems to be lower on the X + side than the X -. Need to do some leveling tonight.