Almost had a fire. :/

I was running my system after fixing a belt issue. It had been running for hours.
Then in my camera I saw smoke. I am only 10 feet away BTW. I never leave it alone too long. I also check up on it in person just to ensure the belts are ok etc…
I ran out there and my dust collector blower motor was smoking where the switch was.
Close call.
Now I am shaken up a bit. I am not willing to loose all my hard work over this damned project.
Going to put away the toy and start concentrating on other things. I am even considering on selling it.
I am not sure just yet. I am tired of having things go wrong too much to even make it pay for itself.

Glad you caught it in time before it could develop into something further…!

Me too. Could have been one crazy night.
For not I am done with carving for a while. its not safe.
The blower motor was a Harbor Freight one.
I will not be buying a new one from there.

:open_mouth: my blower/collector is from HF. 2 years in and it’s fine so far. Perhaps I should be more careful myself, but thankfully so far I’ve not had any issue.

After running it for a few hours check its temp.
There is no over temp cutoff on them.
Also there are 2 versions. You may have gotten one that doesn’t have an over heating issue.
I do not think I can return it so I am stuck going back to my fallback vaccum