Alternative Bin for Dust Collection

Hey guys so I had my new dust collection system all setup and going for about two weeks now. Anyways If the hose ever caught full suction my bin would always pop and the bin would suction intoitself, It didn’t affect anything other than the mess in my pants everytime the loud pop would happen. Well yesturday it finally decided to quit and it now fully collapses. I am looking for an alternative Bin I could use that would be around the same size. I know most people use the little plastic containers, But I just feel like I would be making plenty of trips to the dump. I’d rather a larger solution where I can dump it once a month. Any ideas? This is what I was using.

Try a galvanized steel garbage can.

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I use a 55 gallon plastic barrel. Cut out the top leaving the upper lip and made a plywood lid (just a 1/2 thick" disk). Held lid in place by 3 screen door hooks/eyes. Cut needed holes in disk. Added a couple handles on the outside to make it easier to lift.

Warning - if you let it get near full it weighs a bunch so eat your Wheaties on dump day…

Does it look something like this? And no problems with it caving in from suction? Also noted about the weight, I’ll make sure not to unload the sucker after leg day! :stuck_out_tongue:

NO - Yours looks much nicer (and cleaner!). I like the plastic lid. One thing about my barrel is it is white plastic and with a light behind it is translucent enough I can see how full it is without taking off the lid. Might try that and see if it works for you.

Actually I have been thinking of installing a 110V light bulb socket on the underside of the lid and installing a LED bulb. I could wire it to come on when ever the blower is running. That way at a glance I could see the level. Just can decide if it would be safe enough OR a time bomb.

Heat and sawdust sounds like a timebomb. Just missing nitro.

Take a look at this.

man I am surprised no one thought of this…
Why not use the plastic bucket but have the large other container to dump it in.
That way you don’t have to always go to the dumpster. Just dump the smaller bucket into the larger container right there.
Yes I know its a bit of work but then again its cheap.
I can get those blue 60 gal barrels. I think I will get one my next trip out to where the guy is.
I made a sign for him.

Have you done what you said before? It makes a mess, tossing up dust will leave you with a nice slippery floor afterwards, Why not just invest in a larger container to avoid more work and a bigger mess. I think I found a place locally that sells barrells like the one in my second picture, I’ll be heading there tomorrow and will post pics.

Actually I have. If your careful it will not get dust everywhere.
What is dependent is how much carving you do. If your carving up a storm and creating a fair amount then a larger container is a must. If not then you can get away with 2 buckets. one that is clean and ready and the other you have on the system. Once it is full you can just swap them out and use caution with a lid to help avoid large amounts of dust going everywhere.
From time to time its worth cleaning out the dust collector. a wet rag works great on those dusty surfaces.
Now for a larger container you can get a good sized plastic bin and attach the dust deputy on it. make sure it has wheels and when full you can run it to the garbage bin and use a shovel to scoop it out.
What ever works.
Me I just use 2 buckets. One next to the other.
I just swap them when one is full and when I dump my regular trash I just grab the full one and dump it too.
At the moment I do not make that much dust so it works out.

That’s why I haven’t done already BUT before I was thinking conventional incandescent bulb. But now LEDs are very reasonable and they make next to no heat. After several hours I can just grab the ones we have at home and they are just warm - not hot. Plus breaking one doesn’t expose a white hot filament which could set off a dust explosion. My thinking is LEDs would be fairly safe for this use. Open to opinions though.

Steel garbage can