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I just received my XCP 4x4 and I’m beyond frustrated with the “PRO” version control software Easel. Today, the vacuum shoe came loose and instead of hitting pause I accidently hit cancel. I look for a return to XY Home button and can’t find one. I do see one that says Work Zero but it has an asterisk next to it saying that it will HOME the machine. I just needed to return to the XY zero and start the carve over.

I ended up having to start the carve all over from the cancelled position, re-zero Z and the bit and restart. When I restarted the carve the Z zero was different and now the carve is at a slightly different level. Had I had some control over the Z axis, I would have just left it alone but I don’t seem to have that option.

This software does not seem like a PRO version at all. It seems like a beginners version on a PRO machine (but thats another post).

I also have an industrial CNC 5x10 that runs MACH 3. I can control every function on the machine, rezero, I can see all the settings on the screen at one time etc.

Is there a more professional control software that will work with the XCP 4x4 and have spindle on/off, and automatic zeroing function.

Thank you and sorry for the long post.

I totally get what you are saying as a former Mach3 user. I have been using Universal Gcode sender and found that it does pretty much what I want. I’m not sure that it has a spindle on off function though.


I’m fine with a manual start / stop on the spindle, thats what I do on my big machine. So do you set the spindle speed manually or is it brought over in your gcode? How are you zeroing your z axis, with the probe?

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My machine has the Dewalt Router with the Speed control. You should be able to add the speed into your gcode after you create your file.


See more in Grbl supported G codes.

Grbl V1.1 Quick Reference –

I also have a 3018 and it has a offline sender that can turn on/off the spindle IIRC. I haven’t used it much though.

Offline Controller for Genmitsu 3020-PRO MAX, 3018-PRO –

Yes, probe to top of Z zero. I usually use a centerline at the end of my parts as X0Y0 too, but when I use Easel, I usually use home position as X0,Y0 since that works best in case I need to go back to square one.

New Xcarve machine owner here… I’ve been using Vcarve pro and a Shopbot at a makers space and decided to buy a used Xcarve. I really want to use Vcarve but can’t quite figure out how to send the gcode to the xcarve - is UGS the answer for this problem?? I have several projects I’d like to make that already exist in Vcarve and don’t want to re-make them in Easel.

I haven’t used V carve, but if you have a way to save a file as a DXF format, STL, or even SVG, then you should be able to operate in Easel. UGS will run Gcode files that are GRBL compatible. Mach3 can run more Gcodes, but UGS will get most done for the hobbiest.

This sounds like you can export at about 3:40

[How To Import & Export SVG, PDG, DXF Files & Vectors in Vectric Vcarve & Aspire - Garrett Fromme (](YouTube?


This is under project in Easel:

This is where you can load a DXF.

I have downloaded and installed UGS - but can’t seem to figure out the connection parameters via USB - can you share yours please and THANKS!

Does it open up to the UGS main screen? Then you should click on the port. Mine is a laptop and the USB is in port 3 or 4. Baud rate is 115200. Then click on the crayon looking icon. If it comes up locked, click on the unlock Icon. The tool windows for jogging and controlling can move around. I’m writing this from mymemory. …LOL. It isn’t an instantaneous connection, but you should hear the motors lock up when it connects. I usually turn on the Xcontroller before opening up UGS.

Just save the gcode from V-carve and import into Easel.

I think I have it - THANKS!!

I’ve cut a couple things already using UGS and I like it better…


Since my xcarve does not have access to the internet, I have to save my Vcarve gcode and then use vtransfer to control the xcarve. Vtransfer is include with your vcarve software it was an option during the install. You can go to ventricular and download from there. This might not answer your question

Correction to my previous post, Vectric software. Hate auto correct in a foreign country

Thanks for the advise. Inhave switched over to UGS. Very nice software!


I switched over to Universal GCode Sender software and it works great to control the machine. If youre using vtransfer you might try it too.

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Try gSender. It’s a rewritten, improved sender based on cncjs.