Alternative limit switch mounting on Z-Axis?

Before you begin drilling your machine, did you look to see if the slide is not installed backwards or upside down. Also the machine is brand new, if it is missing I would swap it out before hacking it up for a limit switch.

One more easy option would be to pick up some 3M mounting tape, the red backed stuff, heavy duty used on cars and such . Its plenty strong to hold a limit switch and makes changing a broken switch very easy. I have broken 3 switches trying to learn Universal G Code Sender and Easel, as the limit switches don’t trip when your controlling the carriage manually in Easel. (There is a work-around but it crashes GRBL when it trips)

Oh interesting, i had not thought of just sticking it on. Wasnt sure how solid it had to be mounted. Might give this a try

ended up just emailing help yesterday and they overnighted me a new Z plate! thats great service!

You can put some guard to motor mouth plate, stops z axis before break. As seen on pictures. (Sorry boss, no more switch selling :wink: )



hey great idea! killed my z switch today. luckily i had gotten some extras

The only issue now is stripping the belt. :wink:

Stepper motor isn’t that strong to strip properly adjusted belt. I push it several times, just humming and stopping.

Speaking of limit switches… My Y limit switch does NOT hit anything when it’s all the way forward. Any ideas??

I be leave, in the instructions… the black and white wires are to be the other way???

Did you install the post-installation insert nut and screw? I think it’s in the instructions at the very end.

Once you install that screw you can adjust it such that the axis stops where you want.

Did you add the insertion nut and bolt on that axis? That’s what’s supposed to activate the switch.

also make sure your maker slide is in the correct orientation as I installed mine wrong and the limit switch was too low to make any contact. Just a thought.

Thanks for all your input. Fixed :slight_smile:

One of you said, you got some limit switches at Amazon. I looked and could not find the exact part number that is on my switch? Could you let me know what one is correct. Thanks

Here are the ones i bought. They work just fine

This is what I found. Will it work? Switch Snap Action N.O./N.C. Single Pole, Double Throw Hinge Roller Lever Solder 5A 250VAC 14 Volt 0


Great tip, thanks for sharing. This will save me a bunch of switches, but I was getting pretty good a soldering though. Thanks again for sharing great tip.


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@AngusMcleod Those screw holes match up perfectly, I ordered those the other day to replace the one I crashed into on the Z axis. $0.48 each for replacements when I kill more and lots of spares. :smile:

Did you read my post for protecting Z switch. ?

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