Aluminium and Cherrywood light up Bar Sign

This Dibond material is great. Metal that cuts like plastic.

I run a 60 Vbit first half way through and then switch to a straight bit for the cut through. This stops the material from shredding when you make the first plunge.

Carved it in 8 mins.


That’s a cool application for that stuff! Got any more detail on the material? Does that have a white core? I’ve only seen it with black. How did you mount the LEDs on the back?

Great job Lance!

Would love to learn more about how you made this.

for anyone not familar with it, Dibond is aluminium composite panel. super thin aluminium on the front and back with a rubber material sandwiched in between. its total thickness is .12 of an inch. so it cuts like soft plastic.

it shreds real easy if you try and straight carve through through. so I run a vbit first to half the depth of the material, then I use a single flute straight cut bit to make the final cut out.

this project I cut out the letters, then glued white cast acrylic behind it. then made a butt joint frame from Jatoba wood that’s 1inch wide by 1 inch deep. I inset the diabond and acrylic bar piece into the frame and glued some cleats behind it to keep it in place.

The lighting is LED strip lighting on a remote, that is simply taped on the interior of the sign and then I’ll put a solid back plate of dibond on the back with a hole drilled out for the power cord to protrude from the back as well.