Aluminium T Slot Bed

Hi guys,
Wanted to share this with you, i had to drill some holes as the clearance was too tight against the vwheels of the Y axis, bu this gives me about 20mm more Z clearance.

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Got that DeWalt spindle too. Sexxay!

Where did you get the t-slot sections? I have been toying with doing this.

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I’d guess Misumi. Nice thread or two here on it.

I’ve been thinking about doing exactly this.
@CritianHinz How rigid are the extrusions, will they flex under the weight of the x-carve if the table isn’t perfectly flat do you think?

I guess the other concern is if the Z gantry is less stable when it’s down that far?


Looks amazing Cristian!!

How you noticed an increase in rigidity?

Hey guys, the extrusions are 500x250 and came from Misumi. They are pretty rigid, but not perfectly flat. I didn’t notice any changes in rigidity, its been pretty rigid in the X and Y axis from the start, the only deflection I have is the Z axis. I use a 1" piece of pine or mdf as my wasteboard so the brings my work back to where it originaly was.