Aluminium waste board

I have noticed some people have added an aluminium waste board with t slots in place of the MDF waste board, how do they get this levelled

well the goal is Parallel to the plane that the spindle moves. One could Shim an Aluminum wasteboard to make it parallel to the plane as needed. BUT TBH most people who install aluminum wasteboards do so before knowing of that issue OR they install MDF Slats atop the Aluminum and then surface the MDF.

Have a look here.
The ATP-5 fixture plate is the way to go.
My machine stays within .005"

Yes, that is the same as what I have at the moment aluminium runners with MDF strips between and then surface the MDF

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Jan, that is one hell of a table, is it about 10mm thick with threaded holes and very expensive

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Don’t know if you’re interested or not but here is my design.
It says MIC6 but I used ATP5 cast fixture plate. They both have the same properties and tolerances, but with the ATP5 you’re not paying for the Alcoa name.

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Thank you Jan, I will look in to that

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