Aluminum 327 Badge for new Truck

So, I totaled my last truck. It was a 2012 Silverado Crew 4x4. Ended up getting a new one, and decided I want to make a nice badge to go with it.

So my cut settings are pretty conservative as all I have right now is cheap bits (amazon special $10 for like 8 bits).

I did snap a few trying to cut out a few different emblems, but barely raising the settings from Easel’s Aluminum settings has worked for me very well. I get very clean lines it just takes some time.

On to the project

My plan is to fill the pocketed part like this:

And BTW they do not make a 327 in this style. I do not feel like the styles I could find really fit the truck. If you search for a 327 emblem basically all you’ll find is this:

Let me know what you guys think!


And please disregard my messy shop. Don’t get to spend much time in there so I never clean it lol. I spend more time making a mess and doing little projects than keeping it clean.

I think the 327 badge you cut looks good and will be enhanced even more after you get it filled. Thank you for taking the time to share the pictures of your project. If possible, I would like to know more about the inexpensive bits you used from Amazon.

P.S. My shop makes yours look clean, because I have a similar problem with time and cleaning !

These are the bits I ordered.

And yes I know that I should use a higher ipm since there are more flutes but it almost works like a burr bit instead but leaves a good clean edge as long as there is lubrication.

I keep a medium speed on my dewalt 611 with constant lubrication (wd-40) and only go .005" at 10ipm or maybe a little bit quicker. There are other endmills on Amazon that are the same style but smaller diameter. I am finding that I don’t like to use smaller diameter than the 1.8mm because they are too prone to breaking and have to be much more fragile.

Of course if I was using a 1/4" bit single upcut spiral I could move much more material quicker.

Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks Kalvin for the information on the endmills from Amazon. Just one more question if you don’t mind. What kind adapter are you using on the 611 to use the smaller diameter endmills ?

No problem at all.

Looks great! Can I suggest using enamel paint, a pipette, and lots of patience? I’ve had great luck with that method.

Nice truck, and cut.

This is so great, I feel like I need to know so much more about it.

What material are you carving? Alumunum, I jnow, but how thick, from where?

Can you share your easel file (if it was done in easel), or your vcarve file, or whatever you used?

Please tell me what finishing work you had to do afterwords. Sanding, or filing, or anything like that? What did you use to perform the work?

How will you adhere it to your truck?

How will you fill the numbers with color, making it hard and flat?

I ask so many questions, because I would love to do something like this on my truck, my lathe, my bicycle, my lawnmower, my dog, everything!

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LOL thanks for all the input. I will share anything you guys need.

As far as the Easel project, I had deleted some of the SVG so that way I could stop half way through (to open presents with the little one) then just pick up after it had finished the svg I deleted if that makes any sense. I just started it again without the part that had already been cut and reused the last home position.

The material, is 0.125" aluminum stock that is easily picked up from Lowes or Home Depot in their metal section. I think it comes in 4’ runs. pretty cheap too.

As far as filling it with paint, I am going to have to go at this again. Last night I filled it with fingernail polish (a little thick too so that way it would all settle level) which worked perfectly. Stupid me, after it settled I noticed a couple thin spots and did the same thing but this time I put it in the oven on like 150* just to help cure and I left it in there entirely too long.

It almost boiled the nail polish.

Anyway, after it dries just use some fingernail polish remover on an old t-shirt or something to remove all the “outside the lines” stuff/mess that you made. On something like this it will leave a mess outside the lines lol.

I chose Fingernail polish for the fact that I’ve done this on my Ping I-3 Golf clubs and it works very well and handles abuse very well too.

I am going to redo them and not put them in the oven and be more patient this time. I know they will turn out great and be very durable. When I did it (before messing it up) it looked perfect except for the little fuzzy I felt I had to redo. Hard enamel filled look.

Also, to finish the emblem after the cutting I just used 800 Grit to sand off with a block to ensure flatness (I use durablocks made for body work but anything will work) then hit it again with 2000 grit. I would’ve stepped up a little at a time but I didn’t have anything in between at the time.

I plan to use 3m Double Sided tape.

Sorry for the long reply lol but I too look forward to using this method to do a bunch of stuff, or even Christmas gifts or something. (ornaments are also a possibility :smile: )

I will re-upload the SVG when I get home to easel so that way I can share it with you guys though.

Yes, I would love to see the svg! Thanks for all this info.

I’ll also get the Easel project set up sometime today or this evening hopefully.

Still want to do one more coat of red, then maybe some clear nail polish to finish it off?


took a few more pics. I wanted to get a preview of what it would look like so I just set it on the hood. BTW I was at lowes buying more aluminum for this kind of thing and it was $10 for a 1/8" x 2" x 4’. I have yet to cut the other side lol, now if I can find the time, at least I’ll have the material.

Soooo… What do you think?

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Sooo… being the cool friend/family member that I am, I haven’t done my other badge yet, instead I’ve taken the time to design and make another one for a family member that has a 1978 Corvette. Here it is:

I’m also working on another one for a 2010 Concept Hurst Trans Am for someone. Here is the car and design so far:


Awesome work!

@NickMerola Thanks! Just practicing! Practice makes perfect!

I think I got the aluminum cutting down finally. Watching videos online, would make you think you need to cut faster with less flutes. Well, not the case when you have such a small bit. Definitely easier to take your time and let it cut slow. It was especially hard using small bits to get the detail you want. I snapped like 5 bits right away… Very upsetting.

Do you still do .005"@10IPM for the 1/8" bit? What speed/feed and Dewalt speed do you use for the smaller bits?