Aluminum and carbon fiber quadcopter project + video

We edited together a fun video showing the work of John Gaarsoe. He used his X-Carve machine to make this aluminum and carbon fiber quadcopter. The link has the project files and instructions. This quadcopter is designed for first person view flying rather than racing. When you crash, the aluminum actually bends and absorbs much of the shock and protects your expensive electronics whereas carbon fiber gives way entirely.

Here’s the video:


Nice video. :smile:

I’ve been cutting CF to make an instrument pack for my hexacopter and some battery mounting plates. Great tool the X-Carve.



Nice, Ian!

Yes, it is an awesome tool, and I am constantly finding more and more ways to use it.

By the way, Ian, what type of bit have you been using for the carbon fiber? The one I am using works fine, but there is usually a bit of clean up I have to do to remove things like stray fibers, and I am wondering if there is a better option out there.