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Aluminum GT2 Pulley - 26054-03 (×3)

order number 00kr3ay9 03/16/2021 at 4:04PM [UPS Ground #1ZA4X3340398443566 (Shipped 03/16/21) I received my order yesterday on 3/18/2021. but due to the hole in the package, instead of 3 Aluminum GT2 Pulleys I only received 2. UPS asked that the shipper file the claim for my loss.

You will have to contact Inventables Support to have them initiate the claim.

One thing to note is that you always have the ability to deny acceptance of a package if you are there when UPS attempts to make the delivery on account of damage. They will have no choice, but to initiate the return on their end.

That being said, you will probably get faster results contacting Inventables…


Brandon Parker

Thank yoou for the info. I will try to contact support…
Thank you again

Geee…tried the new server…it works as bad as their support