Am I loosing steps? Or am I going too fast?

Hello everyone. After a long sleep of my Ox CNC machine, I finally had some time trying to get it running again.

Currently I am trying to find the limits of my machine and what it can do.

Yesterday I tried cutting hard wood for the first time. I have not seen this problem with soft wood yet.

At first I tried to cut my ~30 inch (75 cm) Nintendo sign with 1/3 inch (8mm) rough cutting with 100 i/m (2540 mm/m). 1/10 inch depth per path (3mm).
Well it started smoking a bit and the result was unfortunately not too good.

So I tried my 1/8 inch (3.15mm) straight flute (1/16 inch depth per pass).
Still with 100 i/m (2540 mm/m) feed rate.
It looked like the machine had to fight a little, but overall the first hour went fine.
After a couple of passes I notices that everything “moves to the left” a little bit.

Was I going too fast anyway or might just something be loose?

Thank you for your help!
Here are a couple of pictures:

I’d say you were going too fast. Slow down a bit with harder woods. It’s time consuming but in the end, we all want great looking projects. Good luck!

Thank you for your reply.
Guess I will try it with lower speeds first.

Will have to build a noise reduction case around my cnc first :frowning:
Just cannot let the machine run for 8 hours straight. Neighbours will go crazy :stuck_out_tongue: