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I carve a project, first bit roughly to remove the mass of the carve, then I want to switch to a more detailed bit in the router, How do I tell the 2nd bit where to start work. Currently, I had the bit make a lot of motion in thin air without touching the previously carved surface.

I hope that makes sense…

That can be set up as a 2 stage carve. When the roughing bit is done and you switch to the detail bit and it should know what to carve.

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Don’t forget to re-zero the Z-Axis when you switch to the detail bit.


Brandon Parker

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are you saying to Zero to the depth of previous carved space? do you Zero the deepest space or the raised level of inverted Print/art?

a bit more details of this “2 stage carve” not sure if I know how that is accomplished.

Up on the right hand corner where you select the bit you want to use you can click on i think a little star there and turn it into a 2 stage carve.

Here’s the basic, stright forward Easel 2 stage carving:

And Here’s adding in some more options to get more control of what bit is used for what job on a multiple stage cave:

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Thank you, I will study both of these…

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