American flag with Pledge

Made this the other day. Carved out the stars and the inscription…man this X Carve is beyond awesome!!! I did go a tad too deep on the 2nd line but my homing was just a bit off…trail and error!


That looks great!! What are the dimensions of flag?

19.5x36 inches

Nice size. Thanks

Looks great. did you cut the Pledge one stripe at a time or did you do it with the assembled flag?

one stripe at a time…so much easier and more accurate with centering.

… not to mention that if one gets messed up the whole flag is scrap. ha ha

When I cut mine I do the union stripes only so I can do the stars… then assemble the rest after… then If I mess it up… it is only a few stripes and not the whole thing.

Very cool design have you considered posting this as a public project on inventables.

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How’d you carve 36" on an X-Carve?

Traxxtar, i copy and paste my inscription into a 1.5 x36 design.since my board is 36 inches long i downsize it to 19.75 (i have a 750mm machine) and it will cut the design down and i will delete all letters that dont fit and then carve. Afterwards i copy and paste again and then delete the letters i have carved and piece the remaining letters to the carve then into another 19.75 inch design…i have to physically move my board down on the wasteboard but make sure the starting home point is exactly where the first carve was.

My opinion: In reference to the flag protests of the last two years by some NFL players, I think emphasis on line 2 is appropriate. A carving mistake that might serve a purpose.


I do see your point,sir.

Can i ask how you do the stars? since one board at a time isnt possible with them. Im new and wanna do some flags

Stars for flag


Did you tile the pledge? How did you get it to carve so evenly on a 36 in piece?

Hi Jason…kind of hard to explain but my 750mm can only cut 20" at at time so i have to cut and paste my pledge lines up to 20" ad cut that…then remove the letters i carved then paste the remaining letters to the same line.i use my “y” lines to even my board from end to end the continue to cut

My flag stripes are not as flat as yours but I was wondering if there would be any issues with cutting since mine has grooves?

@NicoleLahner @JamesCiesla. Here is a video on tiling the pledge


Soooooo nice!,

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@PhillipLunsford Apparently true blue and scarlet red are no longer available at Lowes. Have you found a suitable replacement?