An Easter Egg for My Daughter

I recently received and installed my SuckIt dust boot so I wanted to test it out on something simple but something I could use. So, I made an Easter egg. 'Tis the season! :joy:

I used a bit of clip art from Easel to make the egg and stand. I was keeping it simple on purpose.

0.26in MDF
1/8 straight flute cutter
9 min cut
Used default cut settings from Easel

Not too shabby. Cleaned it up with a box cutter, chisel, and sandpaper.

I think my daughter will paint it later as an art project. Good teamwork.

I’ll post pics in a sec.

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Good stuff Jason…

Ain’t gonna lie… I was totally expecting the Chariots of Fire music to kick in during the slow motion part of your video…

Hahaha, totally!

Here’s one of the finished products… painted by my daughter… I think it’s been drying now for 5 hours.