Anatomical Heart

I am working on a 3D printed Anatomical Heart model for a friends Halloween costume. (the glowing, beating heart of the Haunted Mansion Attic Bride.)
I downloaded a model off of thingverse and made a few adjustments. (rotated it, cut it in half and flattened it just a bit.)

A test print in green PetG the final version will be red or clear.

I really like how the test print came out a decided to try it on the CNC

Cut out of a Redwood 2x6, stained with Minwax Sedona Red
Rough cut with a 1/4 endmill, finish cut with a 1/4" taper ball nose bit

I really like how this turned out and want to come up with a few projects that use this.


The carve looks better than the print. I assume that is because of the practice PetG?

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Part of it is that I am still dialing in the settings for both the PetG filament and the model.
Part of it is that my 3D printer could use some more attention and be better tuned.
Though I am thinking about building a new 3D printer using all the stuff I have learned from upgrading my x-carve :wink:

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I made a new one (redwood and Sedona Stain), and added a layer of Shellac colored with TransTint Bordeaux Dye.

I love how it turned out.

I am going to have to make a few projects using these.
(This may be the project to get me to really embrace 2 sided milling)


That is amazing! To keep myself in X-Carve accessories and wood blanks, I work as a nurse most days. That is a beautiful representation of a heart. The wood grain and stain make it all the more. Been wanting to cross from 2D-3ishD but Iā€™m still off the deep end of the learning curve. You inspire me though. Strong work!

Man, if you were learning 2 sided carving anyway, you COULD carve the 4 chambers out, make a front and back piece with a front and back to each that separated so you could see the anatomy of the inside.Put together would be the 360 exterior,. That would be pretty cool. If only I had the chops but the idea is interesting.