Andrew's Journey

Very nice work.
I gotta try that stuff.
It may make my life easier.

It will it is a game changer.

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I know this has probably been beat to death, but, which # mask do you use?
What are the differences?

That I don’t know… I am using 813.

That is what i have always used is the 813.

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Thanks guys.
I’m going to pick some up and try it.

By the way.
Not to diminish your sign in any way, because it looks fantastic and most people wont notice it.
But do you realize the you used inch marks instead of quotation marks?

This is one of the better prices I have seen.

813 is for water based paint
810 is for solvent based paint
Both cut the same, just different glue.
I use 810 the most because I use Rustoelum oil based spray paint


Cant seem to find the 810 on Amazon, where do you get it from?

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That is good to know, Thanks

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Jan, “Quotation marks” and “inch marks” are the same think, just a different use of the symbol.

Hi Andrew,
Quotation marks are “quote ”
Inch marks are "
I should not have pointed this out in a public forum.
Therefore I will also apologize publicly also.
Your project looks great.

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Thanks Russel!

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