Animation of a fitted box generator in OpenSCAD

Working on this for a Kickstarter:

Let me know if you have any questions!

Here are STLs off a 3x3 round box:

cncboxfitted_round_3x3_bottom.stl (563.6 KB)

cncboxfitted_round_3x3_lid.stl (874.2 KB)


Wrote up all the details and posted them and a source OpenSCAD file at:

The Kickstarter is at:

I’d appreciate any support. Thanks!

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Backed! Cool project Will.
Are all of the designs in the book going to be developed with openScad?

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I’ll be using OpenSCAD for 3D modeling and the interactive parameters (unless I can find something better) — then the JSON file from the parameter input is used in some other application. Thus far I’ve worked up files which use LuaLaTeX and METAPOST and Tool Path Language (TPL, see

Next project is working up an OpenSCAD previewer which matches an extant rabbeted box generator.


Winding down on the Kickstarter:

One consideration here is licensing — the designs published to the on-line sites will be CC BY-NC-SA — so won’t be eligible for manufacture for sale for profit in quantity — the book, even the PDF will not be so limited.