Anniversary card made from copper

The pros will first apply a coat of lacquer, then engrave. Next they rub Selenium dioxide over the copper. It will only react with where you cut through the lacquer, turning the copper black.

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Some people are saying that
contains enough selenium dioxide to get the job done and is easy to obtain.


I think trying to cut through tape will be a disaster, just go to your local gun store and get some liquid gun blue. You must already have clear lacquer.

Seems pretty easy to me. For you … it should be something you can do while you are sleeping tonight.

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another way is etching acid. i got a bottle from radio shack. i did some etching with it but i cant draw well so i didnt do much more but basically, you cover the areas you dont want etched with sharpie or the good ink pad ink, put it in the acid for a bit and it will etch the areas not covered. it does leave a bit of a textured effect, and finger prints will mess it up too, so clean well and use gloves


Why do it the other way around, glue the thin copper sheet on top of a piece of dark wood and then just cut through the thin copper exposing the dark wood beneath to from the letters and design? Then the project is mostly exposed copper.


Amazon can get it to you tomorrow if that is not to late.

But I think that if you cut a pocket .02 deep leaving about a .25 inch boarder around a dark stained piece of maple or poplar and then gluing the copper into the pocket and using a vbit to cut though the copper would look really nice.

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If you have a Bass Pro shop near you they carry it also.

it does wipe off. if you had more time, the idea is to etch the pockets and then fill in with enamal powder melted with a torch

yeah, that will patina it, prety much like liver of sulfer. not sure how fast it will work but otherwise hobby stores should sell stuff to achieve a patina too

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lots of toutorials in pintrest

heres how we patina bronze, it should work with copper.

4 tablespoons baking soda
4 cups hot water
4 pieces of 18" bronze braid
1/2 cup ammonia
1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide

Ideally, I’d recommend using a non-metallic tray that is not much larger than the bronze braid (a metal tray may be OK, but it may also react with the other ingredients). I was lucky enough to find a tray that was about 4" by 18", which fits great if you fold the bronze braid into four equal lengths (or cut it first). Put the bronze braid in the tray.

Now, start by pouring 5 cups of water (not included in ingredients list above!) into the tray and look to see if the hose is completely covered. If it isn’t, then the hose won’t be covered wehen you make the “real” mixture. If you’re close, then you’ll just want to add a little water to the final mixture. If you’re short by quite a bit, you’ll want to increase the amounts shown above proportionally. Once you figure out just how much you’ll need, dump out the “test” water.

In a separate container, mix the 4 tablespoons of baking soda into 4 cups of hot water. The baking soda should fully dissolve such that the water is clear once again (and not sitting on the bottom of your container)

Pour this over the bronze braid.

Pour in the ammonia, and mix it up a bit.

Pour in the hydrogen peroxide, again, mixing it up.

You should start to see bubbles coming off the braid, which will eventually create a white foam and blue liquid.

Let this soak for an hour or so, turning the cables occasionally to prevent one side from always touching the bottom of the container. If you find that the hose is dark enough before this time, remove it from the mixture and rinse it with water.

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Yes, nobody wants to se R2-D2 with shiny hoses.


What is a bead store?

Great work Phil ! 1000x better than a store bought card.

Enjoy the weekend… Will likely be picking your brain next weekend when i build my Xcarve…

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How fast/deep? This is on my docket for this year for my seventh!


Pretty Awesome @PhilJohnson, This Anniversary coming up will be 19. I think she wouldn’t care if it was copper. I hope you don’t mind, But I’m not Showing her your post though, Im keeping all credit for my “Brownie Points.” LOL

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oooh. Phil is trying to get his likes up.

ha ha

Thanks for posting that project Phil. My 7th is in December so I may have to remember this one.

The project came out real nice. if she doesn’t like it then that there are plenty of 20 somethings out there with daddy issues… it will straighten her out real quick.


@PhilJohnson, thanks a lot, when I get my ex carved put together and dialed in, this will be one of my first projects I’m sure.

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