Anodized, Engraved Trophies

My design was selected to create a new advertising award trophies for the Advertising Federation. Most awards are old fashioned wood and brass or even worse, engraved lucite. This award is given for innovation and creativity, so I thought they should be awesomely substantial and modern. The backer is 1" thick aluminum, the face plates are black anodized .5" thick aluminum that was laser cut. The face plates are attached to the backers via M6 socket head bolts. The holes were drilled and tapped by my metal supplier (for a reasonable fee). All I had to do was engrave the anodized aluminum with logos, winner names, etc.

I am posting this, because the effect of engraving through an anodizing layer is pretty cool and is easily accomplished on the x-carve with cheap engraving bits. DOC was. .005. I used one faceplate as a jig and bolted faceplates for engraving on top. That way, you can set X and Y once and engrave all of the faceplates. I re-zeroed Z at each engraving location on each award for consistent engraving depth. It only took a day to engrave all the trophies.

The finalists all received a square award. The Best In Show (tell rectanglular award) is a “traveling trophy” and I cut and engraved the first winner’s aluminum plaque tag. Then, filled the engraving with black resin.


Couple more notes: The medallion at the bottom of the last picture is the Peoples Choice Award. The box it sits in was also made on the X-Carve. I had 40 faceplates cut and anodized. This should be good for 6-8 years worth of award shows. The budget was the same as ordering crappy old fashioned trophies (according to the Ad Fed).

Those look great! Super professional and elegant.

Those look really nice Earwigger.

Did you anodize them yourself or buy pre-anodized metal?

Thanks man. I paid to have them anodized. I can’t anodize like that - this is some kind of hardcore, jet black anodizing. It is beautiful. Minnesota Hardcoat Inc. did the honors. Pretty reasonable pricing.

These look amazing.
How did you make the “finalist” white?
What type of “cheap engraving bits” did you use?

The word finalist and the other words are just where the anodizing has been engraved away. That is bare aluminum showing through. Engraving bits can be purchased on Amazon here: