Another dust shoe

It sucks.


Well that’s pretty darn cool!

I assume this is 3d printed?

Thanks. Yes. 3d printed. Works almost too well as it sucked up several cut pieces forcing me to increase tab size. This is the 6th revision and I’m working on one more.

Does it attach to the spindle or the X carriage?
How does it attach?

Very well designed. I like how the added weight is more towards the carriage instead of out in front of the spindle. Balance should be much better.

Are you willing to share your designs? I just received a 3D printer for Christmas and I’m chomping at the bit to try it out. This would be a nice addition to my machine.

Thank you for sharing.

Adjustable X-carriage mount. No stl files yet as I’m still in final design stages. Has lots of clearance for larger pieces. Here are a couple more pictures for the general idea

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