Another Feature Request

I have been using Easel for my design work so far. The online experiance has been fine. Most of my projects so far have been 2 stage (or more). As being new to CNC i do what most everyone does and watches the machine opperate a lot. I would really like to see the ability for a Rastor cut during the roughing pass. I think it would be cleaner and faster. by making that a Pro feature it would intice me more to use Pro more often than my 4 free days a month.

Just some food for thought.

ok well how about we just say “we want Rastor!” ha ha ha


This is exactly what I am looking for- I’ve tested out a few other softwares, all of which are not as user friendly as easel, but can raster. I have products that people love and really want to buy from me, but I am not happy with the quality of the product due to the tool path marks on my material.

Here is an example of the paths and my material typically has some of the curved paths showing up that are extremely difficult to sand away in tight spaces. With the rastoring the tool path markings could be straight lines and much easier to hide with the grain of the wood. I’m going to have to spend $345 for v-carve in order to have the ability to raster the way I want. I like the way easel works and I love their vision of making a cloud-based software that is user friendly. I too would be much more inclined to pay for easel pro if it actually had pro features other than v-carving.

Any word on if this feature is coming?

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