Another really close call!

Last time I posted, I had forgotten to zero my z axis after a tool change. I got lucky, nothing really bad happened.

This time, seriously folks, when inputting the depth per pass. 0.9 is not the same as 0.09!

I wanted to do a simple profile cut to cut out my sign. Wanted it to be a quarter inch deep, and planned to cut out the rest on the bandsaw and then trim it even with a flush cut router bit on the router table. Wanted three passes to make the cut. But, I put 0.9 as depth per pass instead of 0.09, so it went whole hog and did the full quarter inch depth in one pass. I got lucky, it actually ended up doing a nice cut at that depth in soft pine. But it was loud and scary, and if I had asked for a 3/4 inch depth cut to go through the sign completely, I would be replacing parts right now.

I gotta focus better on this machine! Stay safe, folks.

Agree. Human error is by far more of a risk than mechanical or electrical problems. Another lesson - this isn’t a hobby that’s forgiving if you have a few quiet drinks while you’re at it. Tempting as it can be, it’s not a great idea…

Now you tell me!

Mind you, I’m not sure that good Bourbon would have any detrimental effect…