Another simple carve

For the philosophically minded CNC’er who likes a drink…

Cheap cutting board. V Bit carved. Quick splash of dilute shellac, quickly sprayed with black spray paint and then oiled (didn’t wait long enough for the paint to dry so the paint is a little thinner than normal). Sanded off again then re-oiled. Maybe an hour and a half all up.

“in wine there is truth”…


I was shopping for cheap cutting boards yesterday, for this purpose (not your design) love it, i’m moving forward with this.

Feel free to copy, folk have been saying this all over the world for an awfully long time…

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Where did you pick up your board? And what program did you use to create g-code

I went to local flea market and got three. 1$ each. Various woods.

@AndrewWatkins I picked the board up in a discount homewares shop (in Australia).
I used V Carve Pro to create the code, but if you let me know what format, I’m happy to post the file as an image (or any other format) for you to play with.

I would love the CRV file for this or Easel what ever is easier. That is really nice.

Here you go, not sure if this will work or not, but here’s a .CRV and .SVG version. If there’s a format you want or a better way of sharing, please let me know…

CuttingBoard5.crv (1.9 MB)

Thanks, can’t wait to cut this.

Holy crap, when I opened the SVG in inkscape the size was 16729.3 x 11796.9 inches LOL

Yep, come to Australia, big steaks, big cutting boards…

Not sure what happened there - we’re metric down here so it’s in millimetres not inches and I suspect you’ve lost a decimal place somewhere.

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