Another Two Stage Carve HELP!

I am NO good at switching out bits and not moving the carriage. I have tried using Z probe, I have followed other directions to a T, and I just cannot seem to get it and I am not sure what is happening. I even went and bought the 3 axis XYZ Triquetra and still this is off. I bump the carriage every time and there has to be a way to complete a two stage carve for someone that does not know code or how to enter things manually into the machine! Any advice would be amazing.

It looks like your tool is not square to the work piece. Try squaring your tool carriage as described in the assembly instructions.

If your issue is accidentally jogging the tool position manually during bit change, Try this order of operation:

Initial Setup

  1. Home the machine.
  2. Set X Y position.
  3. Probe.
    4 Carve.

Change Bit
(you’ll jog the tool position manually every time, don’t worry.)
(repeat this sequence for every bit.)

  1. Home the machine.
  2. Probe, using previous XY position.
  3. Carve!

As long as you Home the Machine and Probe your bit after every bit change, it should work.
I had this issue a few weeks ago. By following this routine, I can use as many bits as I need for any single project, without the “wobble.” Homing is the key to not letting your bit change affect the tool position.

Hope this helps!

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Have you set your idle torque settings? This way during but changes the carriage wont move

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Try this

I have not homed the machine twice - only the beginning and would then do 2 and 3 of your instructions. I will try the homing at the beginning and after bit change. Thank you so much!!

I am printing this and going to try this out as well. Thank you so much!!

I agree with RDBProductions, always home between cut stages.
I also check to make sure the secondary motor of the Y stage lines up the same every time after homing. Since there is nothing mechanically binding the y axis motors, It is easy for the gantry to be out of square, especially after wrenching on the router collet.

Thank you so much for this!! It worked, going to try a test carve. One more question. After I home my machine these are the numbers i get. Is it not supposed to be 0, 0?

I am not a gcode expert in any way and I have really never looked at those, I am sure Neal or Haldor will see this and they answer your question.

I, like Steve, don’t really know about the gcode stuff. I haven’t had a need to tinker in that sandbox yet.

Glad I could help!

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The values dont really matter, homing serve one this and that is to sync machine space to model space.

(Your Machine coordinates read -749 for X& Y and -1 for Z. Homing swithc position is 0/0/0.
GRBL value $27=1 mean that each axis will pull-off 1mm away from the switch. Your soft limits are set to 750/750 and -1mm = 749)

The machine position is 0,0,0 with the z axis at its too travel and the carriage at the far right corner of the workspace when looking from the front. The homing switches on the X-Carve are on the front left corner, when the gantry uses them to home they inform the controller that the cutting head is at its maximum X/Y travel, in your case -750,-750.

When you zero the axis position you are resetting the origin of the work (model) position. For example if the x/y zero of your work piece was 10mm up and right from the homing position, that would locate your work origin at -740,-740 machine position.

From the position values you posted I can te they the cutting head was up and at the corner where the homing switches are located (if you did install them where I mentioned above) and your work piece origin happens to be 1.383X, 5.060Y mm from this and the bit is 58.186mm above the Z reference of your piece.

Hope this helps.